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Press Articles:

» Lost ritual scripts of Dongba Culture retrieved (2017-01-01, China.org.cn)

» Dongba ancient digital sharing international platform (2016 · Academic Frontier Forum)

» Keeping a living language alive (2014-10-08, China Daily)

» Digital technology applied to save endangered culture (2014-09-26, China.org.cn)

» 法国远东学院东巴文学经典古籍藏书编目近期完成 (China.com, 2011-02-28)
  (Completing the summaries of the Dongba manuscripts in EFEO library recently by ADCA; Chinese)

Library of Congress Naxi website

The image of the ancient Dongba painting and Dongba pictograph is the Library of Congress's Naxi website, which was released in 2004. The Library (located on Capitol Hill, Washington DC) has a Naxi catalog (for a total of 3,342 manuscripts) that is available online.

» Library of Congress Naxi website

Material / Texts:

» The Last of the Dongbas ADCA 2009-12-15 (pdf; 1.098 kB)

» Article about Joseph Rock by Zhang Xu Tayou Lamu, 2009 (with images, pdf; 840 kB)

» Article about Joseph Rock by Zhang Xu, 2009 (plain text, pdf; 33 kB)

» Naxi-Dongba-Exhibition_Swiss by Yang Fuquan (Chinese pdf; 108 kB)

» Traditional Naxi-Papermaking by Zhang Xu + Bai Feng (Chinese + English pdf; 1020 kB)

» A Naxi Cremation 1990 by Zhang Xu (Chinese + English pdf; 1248 kB)

Other Websites:

» www.naxigeba.org (Chinese, some English)

» www.naxiculture.org (Chinese, about Mr. Li Lin-tsan, an expert on Naxi Dongba research)

» blog.sina.com.cn/yangfuquan (Chinese, Mr. Yang Fuquan, information about Naxi studies)

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